Hey there!  Thanks for dropping by.  I'm often inspired by the things I capture through my lens.  Sometimes my thoughts turn to God and His amazing love for us.  At other times, I simply see reflections of life that I want to share.  Please feel free to look around, comment, and share.  And, again, thanks for stopping by.

Yellowstone: God's Creative Hand

September 20, 2017
I did it. Finally! It took three months, but I finally did it! My husband and I spent three jam-packed days in Yellowstone National Park earlier this summer. Neither of...
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Leadership, Strength, & Power

January 24, 2016
A quick five minute glance at this morning's news displayed stories of struggles for power and control. Soldiers crossed invisible territorial lines in the oceans. Candid...
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52 Weeks: #52 The End and the Beginning

December 25, 2015
Week 52 is here. A year's worth of reading through the Bible, finding nuggets of God's message to share, pairing them with photography of His creation, and sharing throug...
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52 Weeks: #51 Following

December 22, 2015
I don’t know a lot about sheep. Only once have I been among a flock of sheep in their natural environment. All other encounters were in the controlled environments of zoo...
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52 Weeks: #50 The Gospel in Psalms

December 12, 2015
Who knew? I surely didn't! I've read the book of Psalms many times throughout my life, but I've never noticed this until now. Nestled into just a few short chapters an...
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