52 Weeks: #41 A Choice, a Promise, & a Challenge

October 12, 2015  •  1 Comment

The first chapter of Genesis chronicles the events of creation.  However, that is far from the only instance where God places His signature on His masterpiece. 


Consider these:





From this second verse, God makes two points beyond the declaration of His role as Creator.  First, He states the earth was made to be inhabited, inhabited by us, his created beings.  Secondly, He declares, having authored the world into existence, that He is the only Lord.  Some may wince at this exclusive declaration.  However, simple logic states that either God is Creator, and therefore the only logical Lord.  Or He is lying, making Him unworthy of our devotion.  He leaves no room for other options.

We are at a crossroads of decision then.  We accept Him as the ultimate, Lord and Creator, or we reject Him as neither.


For those that accept Him, a promise and a challenge follow.


First a promise of strength and help.




And with our strength and help secured through our Lord and Creator, a challenge follows:



He offers, rains down, righteousness and salvation upon His creation.  But then He call us, the earth, to be open to these blessings and give them a place to sprout in our lives.




A Choice


A Promise


A Challenge


What do you choose?


WHO do you choose?



Who do you know that needs to embrace the strength of the Creator?  Perhaps these words could offer encouragement.


As always, thanks for reading.




Olive Wagar(non-registered)
I have been reading this same section of Scripture this last week & was quite impressed with these bold declarations of power!
Who else can make such claims?! And this powerful creator loves me...awesome!!
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