52 Weeks: #44 I Know You!

November 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Who are the five people that know you the best...you know, the real inside you...the way you really think and feel about yourself and the things around you?


So, who are those folks?  Family?  Close friends?  Maybe co-workers?  Or maybe you're thinking there aren't five people that really know you well, deep-down-inside-at-the-core-of-you well.


What separates those that know us intimately from those that don't?  Why do we choose to share with some while keeping others well outside the edge of intimacy?  Is it about trust?  Or fear?  Am I afraid to let others in because I am unsure I can trust them with the knowledge of who I truly am?  What will they think?  What would they do if they knew the real me?  Would they be repulsed by my sinful weaknesses and failures?  Would they scoff at my doubts and insecurities?  At some point, on some level, we probably all ask the question, "Would they still like me if they knew...(you can fill in the blank for yourself)?"


So we cover, hide, smile, fake and in such, keep a "safe" distance from those around us.


Yet there is One.  One who knows you better than you know yourself.



The very One who formed you, knitted you together, knows you intimately -- literally inside and out.


This same Creator formed the entire universe from His knowledge.



Yet He brings His focus back to you and to me.



And the crowning pinnacle is that it is this very God, this majestic Creator that invites us to know Him, to know the things in which He delights.



To be known deeply with all your wrinkles, scars, and quirks, yet to be invited into God's intimate circle is a blessing and invitation almost beyond imagination.


This God, this God that knew you before He formed you invites you to know Him.


What better intimate friendship can you imagine!!?




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