52 Weeks: #52 The End and the Beginning

December 25, 2015  •  2 Comments

Week 52 is here.  A year's worth of reading through the Bible, finding nuggets of God's message to share, pairing them with photography of His creation, and sharing through this blog series comes to an end.  For me, my journey through the Scriptures was made richer through sharing with you.  Thank you for holding me accountable as I read and sought God's wisdom.


So, in finishing this series, I want to share what, to me, seems the culminating message of the journey.  God, the Almighty Creator, loves every one of us and earnestly calls us to seek Him, not because He has some ego complex, but because He is the Loving Father that wants nothing more than to have His children at His side.  As a mom of adult married children with their own homes, I get that!  I cherish times when my children are at my table, under my roof, or in my arms.  My heart is bursting with joy when my children are close. 


Yet God beckons us to an even greater family reunion.  And this one will be without any sickness, no sorrows allowed, no one will be angry, hurt or tired.  In this sweet welcome home, we will spend all of eternity rejoicing together as family around the feet of our adoring Father and our Big Brother and Savior, Jesus Christ.  How I long for that welcome home!


His gift, His message of love, was made clear so many years ago, but stands just as true today for us.



Weaving our way back to several weeks ago, a simple verse from the book of Joshua brings this series to a close.  His conclusion, having just brought the children of Israel into their Promised Land, mirrors our appropriate response as we wait for our Promised Land. 


So as we begin a New Year, a new month or even a new day, let us join hands with the many that have gone before us to choose to serve our Father. 


My prayer is that you have been blessed through these profound truths of God's Word as you have read along with me.  May God continue to watch over you and guide you in the coming year and throughout this life, until we reach the joyous family reunion He has prepared. 




Thank you for reading.  Stay tuned for new blogs in 2016.



Thanks Rachel,
I only received the last few months, since M2Y, so I would like to be notified when the book is available. I praise the Lord that he had our paths cross.
Olive Wagar(non-registered)
Thanks for your love and encouragement, Rachel!
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