52 Weeks: #20 Forty-Nine Times

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49 Times


I’m a mom.  I have two boys.  They are adults living on their own now.


But sometimes I repeat myself to my children, especially when they were younger.




Sometimes because I had forgotten I’d already told them something

Sometimes because I thought THEY had forgotten I’d already told them something

But sometimes, I repeated things because they were just that important!


49 times God repeats Himself in the book of Leviticus. 


He has just rescued the children of Israel from 400 years of slavery.  He has provided food for them every day, He has ensured they would be adequately clothed, and He has protected them from the enemy.  He even has given them a really big nightlight.


The Perfect Father.


Yet He repeats Himself to His children.


49 times.


He reminds them as He is providing guidance.


I am Lord:  I have supreme authority.


He reminds them that He brought them out of slavery.


I am Lord:  I am able to protect you.


And He reminds them when He calls them to holiness.


I am Lord:  Be holy because I am holy.


He is Lord, Master and Creator.


He guides, protects, and cares for His children.


49 times He reminded them. 


How many times does He need to remind you and me?



May we always remember.



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