52 Weeks: #24 Seeking

June 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

Our culture is busy climbing, seeking the next rung, next relationship, next job advancement, next thrill...the list continues.  This hungriness can lead us in a lot of directions, some good, some devastating. 


Yet we hunger.  We seek.  We climb.


But what are we seeking?


In one way or another, we seek a fulfillment, a completeness of sorts. 


Yet, in our own human imperfectness, we will never find completeness.  We need something more.  We need God.


But why?  What do we get from a relationship with God that we cannot get on our own?  Consider these descriptions of what our amazing Creator offers to us:


No challenge exists that God cannot defeat.  He goes before us.







He is a Rock. 

He isn't going anywhere. 

You can count on Him.

He will always guide you to what is right.







He is eternal. 

He was there before you and He will be there long after your life is over. 

He's got you covered...start to finish.






He invites you in to dwell with Him. 

You are home. 

You can be at peace in His presence

as the loving Father welcomes

His children to come home.







His love is steadfast, continually refreshing and encouraging.


So, what are you seeking?  Where are the holes in your life? 


Consider this: the Creator has all that you need.  He is eager to grant restful peace and sustaining love to His children.  You won't find this perfect peace and love anywhere else.  He is the only source.


Knowing what He offers, these words of encouragement make sense:


"Seek the Lord and His strength;

seek His presence continually." 

Psalm 105:4


What are you seeking?




Do you know someone that is striving, wrestling, seeking?  Consider passing these words of encouragement along.


As always, thanks for reading. 



Rachel Welborn

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Such an awesome God and yet He reaches down to reassure us in so many ways!!!!!
I think I might need reprints!!!
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