52 Weeks: #29 Control

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I've got this all under control.  I have a plan:  close on the house at the end of June, but we don't have to be out of the old house until the end of July.  So I've got a month to methodically make the move with my family and get settled.  No problem.  The new grandbaby is due early July.  My assigned "baby support" week is mid-July.  That still fits nicely into my plans.  I have it all under control.


And then life happens.


My sweet grandson is two weeks late.  And delivered by C-section meaning mom needs help longer than we anticipated with an active two year old running around at her feet also.


I'll save you from all the details of the frantic, chaotic scrambling of my plans that were so much in my control (or so I thought), but suffice it to say this past week was a whirlwind of boxes, shifted schedules, packing and unpacking, and lots of running so I can help be the support network for my children, which, of course, I wouldn't miss for the world!


As I reflect on this past week's crazy activities and the Bible readings, I am particularly drawn to three passages.




I find so much comfort in knowing that God knows me, really knows me.  He knows when I'm stressed, anxious, and struggling.  He knows when my plans have gone haywire and He knows how my heart is reacting to life's events.  So whether life is going smoothly or not, the Father knows.  And He cares. 


But even more importantly, He has all things in His hands.  Everything belongs to Him and He is in His control.



I find great peace in knowing my Lord is on His throne.  He is King and He has the greatness, power, glory, victory and majesty in His control.  Yet even with the entire universe, all of heaven and earth in His hands, He knows me.  He takes time to consider me, my heart, my thoughts, my plans.  And He loves me. 


So I can find peace in my chaos, knowing that the Master Planner has all things well in hand.



How about you?  How is your week going?  No matter what, take comfort in a loving Father that knows what you are going through, good or bad, and He has all things in His hands.  It might not make sense right now, and it might not be going according to what you had planned, but He is there.  He knows.  And He cares.



Thanks for reading.  Take a moment to leave a thought.  How is your week going?


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