52 Weeks: #31 Come and See

August 01, 2015  •  3 Comments

The 52 Week Challenge readings for the past seven days have primarily been from the Psalms.  With such incredible imagery in words depicted there, I tagged a number of verses to consider for this week's blog.  However, when I came to one particular verse, I knew it would be the central theme. 


Some of you may know the story of Come and See Photography, but for those that do not, please allow me to share a bit.  I have always loved photography and with the gift of my first digital camera came also the freedom to explore without wrestling with budget constraints of developing film.  So, now I had the gift of artistic discovery at my fingertips, literally.  What a blessing!


Through months of learning, experimenting and lots of deleting, I began to find true joy in capturing a brief glimpse of God's magnificent creation.  As my passion for the art form grew, so did my repertoire of photographs.  In time, I began to seek a way to share these hints of God with others.  His handiwork, His creations, His glory.


Thus was born Come and See Photography. 


But the significance is in the name of my business.  My continual intent is to keep God as central to this work.  This is His world; we are His adoring children, created by His loving hands along with a myriad of other expressions of His creativity, imagination, and power.


So, the verse?


"Come and see what God has done,

His awesome deeds for mankind!"

Psalm 66:5


So indulge me a moment as I simply share with you some of my favorite captures of God's glorious handiwork.



"Come and see what God has done,

His awesome deeds for mankind!"

Psalm 66:5


Take a look around this week.  Where do you see God's creative handiwork?



Thanks for reading.




Rachel Welborn


Olive Wagar(non-registered)
What a wonderful witness and way to honor our magnificent Creator!!
Lisa Carter(non-registered)
I agree with Miriam. Amazing? It has been heartening to watch your talent grow and shine. Now, your pictures equal any I've ever seen. Love you and I'm so enjoying your work!
These pictures are so amazing!
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