52 Weeks: #32 Just One

August 11, 2015  •  2 Comments

Just One.


I’ve been thinking…what are the things you want in your life, but you only want one?


Hmmm.  Let’s see…


I am quite happy with only one husband.  I love him.  I’m thankful for him, but quite content with only one, thank you.  We have one of those “till death do you part” covenants which I thoroughly plan to keep.  Just one, please.


I have one house.  That’s plenty for me.  I’m thankful for that blessing, but one is plenty.  I enjoy having the comfort of our home and being able to use that blessing in ministry.  God has provided.  I am quite content with just one.  Besides, who would help me clean another one??


I’ve got a few kitchen gadgets where one is plenty, but I wouldn’t greatly miss most of them if I didn’t have them.  Perhaps there’d be a few inconveniences, but I’d manage o.k.  So, while one is nice, it isn’t critical.


And then there are a few things where one is just not enough.  For instance, one tooth would be kind of useless as would a car with only one wheel.  And moments with my family?  Well, I can never get too many of those.


During this week’s 52 Challenge, several significant “Just Ones” appeared.  What do you think of these?


Just One…



                Supreme One


Just One…


                Creator of Wondrous Things


Just One…


                                            Founder of the Universe.


Just One.

                                But plenty.




                                                                                                Filling all our needs.


Yes, I want The One, but I only want The One.


He is in control.  He created, possesses, and loves His world and His children.


This is My Father’s World.  He holds it.  He is the Only One.


Just One, but all I need.


How about you?




Thanks for reading, friends.


Rachel Welborn





Olive Wagar(non-registered)
Well said, dear friend! I especially like the butterfly and flower with Psalm 72:18. Briony and I enjoy singing a butterfly song!!
"Flutter, flutter, flutter, flutter by, only God can make a butterfly!"
Lisa Carter(non-registered)
Simple, but profound.
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