52 Weeks: #39 The 2700 Year Old Promise

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A promise was made over 2,700 years ago.


But here is what is absolutely amazing about it:  The promise was made to you, and to me.


It comes from the gentle Father's voice.  Here is the promise:



But, Lord, surely You don't know what all I've done!  You must not know all my sin, my filth, the hateful, sinful, selfish choices I've made.  Some stains are just too deep to wash that white.  There's always that little remnant of the stain, the shadow of the filth that just won't release.


He answers in yet another promise:



A son.  But not just any son, God's Son.  Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  That's who is promised.  That's what God is willing to do for you, for me, for all of mankind. 


The promise is amazing all by itself!  Yet one aspect of this particular promise makes it even more awe inspiring.  Note that it is spoken in present tense as if the Son is given now at the time of the writing.  However, these words were spoken over 700 years before the incredible Bethlehem night that changed everything.  For God, the promise was made and was so certain, so absolute that it was as if the act was already accomplished.


And the response to the promises?  That was foretold, too.



Two promises, one response.  Predicted over 27 centuries before, yet just as true and available and real for us today as for anyone since the coming of the small baby on that starry night heralded the start of the salvation gift to all of mankind.


With joy, we all can draw water from the well of salvation. (Isaiah 12:3)


Praise be to the God of all, Giver of amazing gifts, Keeper of Promises.



Do you know someone that needs to hear the joy of these promises?  Consider sharing.


And as always, thanks for reading.




Rachel Welborn





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