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52 Weeks: #48 Rejected or Desired

November 27, 2015  •  1 Comment

Few moments are more precious than the birth of a child into the arms of adoring parents.  The elation, the tenderness, the absolute awe as eyes meet eyes for the first time, connecting hearts.


In stark contrast, stories of newborns found abandoned in dark detestable dumps in deserted allies are almost unbearable.


Yet, this story has such a beginning.  A tiny baby girl is found tossed into a deserted field out in the country, umbilical cord still attached, blood caked on her tiny naked body. 




She is found by a young boy who happened to walk near enough to hear her now feeble attempts to cry.  He tenderly scooped up the frail infant, ignoring the grime and blood, and carries her to a nearby home where she is taken in as a daughter.  The boy, though, vows to care for the newborn by working to provide for her needs as his heart was unexplainably attached to the vulnerable little one.




As the years pass, the young boy holds true to his vow, faithfully providing for the little girl as she begins to flourish in her newfound home.  A friendship develops as both boy and girl grow into young adults.  The day comes when this blossoming relationship is sealed in the ultimate human relationship through heartfelt, solemn marriage vows. 




The attentive groom, having worked hard for so very many years is able to lavish on his new bride every gift, every delicacy, every whim her heart could desire.  Beautiful clothes, jewels, trinkets…anything and everything laid at her fingertips.




But the story takes an unimaginable turn.  Fully aware of all this adoring man has done for her from her birth until the present, the heartless bride rejects his love and instead uses the countless tokens of his affection as trinkets to lure other lovers into her bed.  In brazen unfaithfulness, she doesn’t even attempt to hide her actions from her brokenhearted husband.




Yet even in his distress, hurt and anger, he calls to her, reconfirming his desire for a covenant relationship.





In this  second heart wrenching story (see Week #38: The Offer), we are given a glimpse into the heart of our God who wants nothing more from us than to share in an everlasting covenant love relationship.  Yet, like the young bride, we, too, can all too often find ourselves using the blessings God has so generously bestowed on us to pursue other loves, distractions from the One who gave them as gifts of love.  How excruciating the pain we inflict upon our Beloved when we so carelessly flaunt His gifts in pursuit of all manner of worthless idols, each drawing us further and further from the One who loves us the most.


Though we are worthy of rejection, He has redeemed us, He rejoices over us, and He calls us back when we carelessly stray.  The expanse of His love is completely beyond my comprehension.  How could He love me so much in spite of my pitiful, careless, and even rebellious choices?  I don’t know the answer to that question, but what I do know is this:



We now have access to the family of God Himself through the Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Though we were


We can now be



Our Savior has




His salvation upon us.


Though we have


Him, yet He is faithful to ensure us that we are



To whom will you offer your heart?





As always, thanks for reading.




Rachel Welborn

Come and See Photography


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