Come and See Photography | 52 Weeks: #27 Attacked!

52 Weeks: #27 Attacked!

July 04, 2015  •  1 Comment

Pursued by the enemy, fearful for your life, death threat over your head.


That's where we find young David in week 27 of the 52 Week Challenge.  King Saul is on the throne but God has already rejected him for his arrogance and disobedience and has sent the prophet Samuel to anoint young David, a mere shepherd, as the next king.  While David has not usurped authority or threatened Saul in any way, Saul's jealousy over David's growing popularity brings out the very worst in him.  As Saul sees his public popularity dwindling, he turns his anger full force onto David, who ironically has been brought into the palace to comfort Saul with his harp playing.  Twice Saul attempts to pin David to the wall with a javelin before David final leaves the palace in fear for his life.  That didn't pacify Saul's envious spirit, though.  Instead, Saul went after David in hot pursuit, forcing a division in loyalties among the Israelites.  Saul and his armies pursuing David and his rag-tag followers.


During this time of impending danger, David the Psalmist wrote many of his most emotional Psalms.  As you might expect, his grief, fear and anxiety surface in many of them as he is constantly running, hiding, fighting just to stay alive. 


He is weary.  He is afraid.  He is distressed.


How about you?  Perhaps you are not literally running from someone seeking to take your life, but are you being "chased" by some other threat?  Something that causes you to lose sleep, feel tension and pressure?  Your muscles ache from tension and your head throbs.   When will it stop?  When will the pursuit by this threat end?  And how do I survive in the here and now when I am consumed with this trouble I am facing?


Perhaps David can help us with this last question.  Living in caves, scrounging for food, sleeping with one eye open, David remained solid in seeking God, knowing that He alone is the Sustainer.  God alone can provide comfort, strength, and guidance when the world around us gets dark, threatening, and scary.  Consider these simple metaphors David writes during this time of distress.


Just as a momma bird draws her chicks under her wings for safety, God draws us into His loving arms and holds us close.  He comforts as only He can with a peace that passes understanding.








Life threatens, making our paths dark, but God is there above the threat and will guide our paths when we seek Him.  He knows the way our steps should go.  The path may not always be easy, but His guidance will take us to the right destination.







So, when life threatens, when you feel afraid, consider David's words.  Run to the Father.  He is faithful.  He will sustain you through this world's challenges.


Run to Him.  Feel the comfort of His arms.  He loves His children.


May the God of all comfort grant you peace as you seek His will in the midst of your storms.


Did you find this helpful?  You may also want to read Week 6: When God Said "No."



I'm always grateful for your comments and your readership.  Join the conversation.


Thanks! Rachel


Rachel Welborn

Come and See Photography


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